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Mourngul Ghastly Apparition Ability


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On 4/15/2017 at 4:53 PM, CoffeeGrunt said:

You can only activate the condition once. I.e., it's whether you're within range of a Mourngul, not for each Mourngul in range, meaning that it can't affect the same unit twice.

I would personally want to enforce this as a house rule even if it's not the official ruling.

Before the new Khorne Book, Blood Secrater banners stacked, so it's not very clear which names of buffs/debuffs do and don't stack.

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the condition is easy to identify as

Units from your opponent’s army
must subtract 2 from their hit rolls while
within 6" of a Mourngul if their Bravery is
6 or less and subtract 1 from their hit rolls
if their Bravery is 7 or more.
so if you are within 6 of any mourngul you would suffer the effects of the Ghastly apparition. fairly clear cut that it would not stack.
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