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Slaanesh Army Fluff Idea: The Tyrant of the Amethyst Throne


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Not sure where exactly I should post this to get good responses but here is what I have thought up so far:



Dagan had once been a mighty lord of slannesh, a scion of the perfection and glory gleaming and radiant in the darkness of the filthy world. But now Slannesh has disappeared and the soft, enticing voice that had guided him in his head has gone silent. At first the prideful prince of perfection had wallowed in despair at the loss of his great patron and master. But then a sudden vision struck him and woke him from his melancholy, a vision of himself lounged upon a magnificent amethyst throne and before him knelt hundreds of thousands of adoring subjects all eager to attend his every bidding. Instantly Lord Dagan found himself revitalized, if Slannesh had abandoned him he would make himself into a new god.


The Legionaries (Chaos Warriors)
Marble Statues brought to an unnatural life by the will of their dread lord, their eyes pulsate with a haunting purple glow. These constructs move with a precision not found in living beings. Most disturbing about them is that certain amongst the marble ranks have begun to show signs of free thought and personalities as Dagan gives them names and converses with the voiceless beings.

The Handmaidens (daemonettes)
Lord Dagan has gathered so much power that even some of Slannesh's own creatures have abandoned the search for their creator to follow in wonder and serve the majestic hubris of Lord Dagan's quest for Godhood. The Handmaidens dance and sing before their new master's throne entrancing those who come to treat with the tyrant lord.

Supplicants (Marauders of Chaos)
As Dagon's Legion makes its leisurely way to war often tribes of Marauders are drawn to his service, intoxicated by the perfumes that surround the magnificent host. Thousands have bent the knee in supplication to their new soon to be god. Pledging their lives and eternal souls to his vainglorious cause.

Pacemakers (Hellstriders of Slaanesh)
The Hellstriders of Dagan use their viscous scourges to keep the massive horde of supplicants in line and in pace with the legion. Dagon's company does not perhaps move with blinding speed, but the stone warriors of the legionnaires' tireless legs seldom cease.

Dagan's Doggos (Chaos Warhounds)
A great pack of massive warhounds stalk before Dagan's host, the symphony of their howls heralding his advance.

Fiends of Dagon (Fiends of Slaanesh)
The nightmares of the amethyst tyrant made flesh, these vile creatures radiate the crippling feelings of worthlessness, despair, and self loathing Dagan felt after the disappearance of his former patron.

Paragon of Perfection (Daemon Prince)
A strange entity that appears at the behest of Dagon and wrecks beautiful ruin across the battlefield.

The Amethyst Throne (Warshrine of Chaos)
The mighty throne of Dagon, carried aloft by gigantic beasts of burden it exudes an intoxicating majesty even absent its lord

High Priest of Dagon (Sorcerer Lord of Chaos)
Every new faith needs a clergy, the high priest of Dagon is a mighty sorcerer drawn by the charisma and power of Dagon, he serves his the divinely motivated Lord with unfaltering faith. For now.

The Dragon Galborax (Warpfire Dragon)
Such is the force of Dagan's Will that he sought out and bound the mighty Galborax, scourge of the purple mountains, and has bound him to his service, above the ceaselessly marching horde Galborax flies with an alien grace.


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