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Vern joins the Order Grand Alliance


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Hi I am Vern.  I am also in the AOS facebook group.

I play at BB Funan but will shift over to Bugis once Funan is closed for renovation.  Real life commitments led to me being able to play mostly on weekdays only.  I have to pre- arrange all my games and have less games than what I would like to have as a result. :(

I have played Warhammer fantasy for 15 years and used to be active on the tournament scene when Sporecon was still around.  I played Dark Elves, Tomb Kings, and Dwarves.  Sold the last two armies but have since picked up Lizardmen and Wood Elves (with some high elf additions) during the End Times days.  My Lizardmen (or Seraphon) is largely done based on 8th edition format and I am now working on my Wood Elves as my first proper AOS army. 

I also play 40k, and my armies are Sisters of Battle and Eldar.  I still own the armies.

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