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Greetings, all!  The name is BunkhouseBuster, and I am joining this forum in my support of Age of Sigmar!

I have been a wargamer for over 7 years now, starting with 40K, and having played Warhammer Fantasy, Warmahordes, Battlefleet Gothic, and a smattering of board games and Dungeons & Dragons.  Now, I am putting my hobby time and efforts into Age of Sigmar almost exclusively.

I am also starting up an AoS club in my local area, hoping to host narrative campaigns and possibly some tournaments in order to drum up some interest and show the local player an alternative to the ultra-competitive Warmahordes and 40K tournament scene.

I first learned of this forum today, when GW featured the coming Coalescence narrative event.  I hope to contribute to it, and further a positive image for Age of Sigmar.

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