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Quill's foray into Death


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Hi all, 

Decided to start a bit of a blog to track progress in game and hobby. 

Brand new to Age of Sigmar after playing Warmachine for 10 years and deciding I'd had enough with nothing but competitive gaming. Casual/competitive is the way to go :P Started with Death after falling in love with the spirits and ghostly looking models and learning that Nighthaunt exist. For me,  pretty models is a higher priority than sheer killiness so I do tend to hunt high and low for models when facing ones I'm not keen on.


Models owned:

Mortis Engine

3x Cairn Wraiths

4x Tomb Banshees

10x Hex Wraiths

12x Spirit Hosts

2x Mournghuls

Vampire lord on Zombie Dragon

Vampire lord on Abyssal Terror

50x LOTR Army of the dead Skeletons/Zombies counts as

Wight king (LOTR King of the dead) 

15x Blood Knights (LOTR Morgul Knights)

Models Painted:  

Mortis Engine

3x Cairn Wraiths

4x Tomb Banshees

10x Hex Wraiths

12x Spirit Hosts


After a couple tiny games where so many mistakes were made they're basically useless the third game was a little more legit. 


Report 1: (forgive lack of knowledge at this early stage, my third game)

1000pts doubles; Nighthaunt + Ironjaws vs Sylvaneth + Stormcast

My list:
2x Cairn Wraiths

12x Spirit hosts

1x Mournghul


Ironjaws had the cabbage dragon plus a 5man unit of brutes and a 10 man unit of 'ardboys and a shaman. 

Stormcast had two 5man units of judicators (dark souls dragonslayer bow), a chaplain looking guy with a banner and a lord on a star dragon (600pts version) 

Sylvaneth had treebeard with a staff, 5x  tree revenants, 10x  dryads, 2x branchwych, 3 kurnoth hunters with scythes. 


We played the objective where there are three tokens on the centre line that only heroes can score on. 

I set up on the centre left with Mournghul in the centre of the board, and my ally set up with ardboys on centre right, shaman behind them and cabbage dragon behind them. brutes to the right. 

The Sylvaneth set up spread out, with treebeard in the centre, tree revanents to my left and branchwyches with dryads to the very right near the brutes. The judicators set up behind treebeard to the right and star dragon further to the right. This put all their heroes in the centre and the right, and ours pretty much in the centre. 

A brief plan was formalised to rush for the tree, kill it and then take the dragon down.

Turn 1: 0-1

We lost the roll for first turn and the kurnoth hunters spawned right in front of my line in a forest. Lots of spells went off putting a few wounds through my spirits and the dragon flew to the centre line to claim an objective. The Kurnoth succeeded their charge and killed off a spirit host. They lost a hunter in return as they got mobbed by three units of three due to proximity of units. 

Destruction moves get the orks moving and the brutes charge the star drake doing a couple wounds and a few surviving the return. Cabbage dragon and Mournghul fly to the centre to face off against the tree whilst the spirit hosts mob the Kurnoth a bit more but still leave two alive. Dragon and Mournghul both bounce miserably off the tree only dealing five wounds between them. Sad face. 

Turn 2: 1 - 3

Managed to steal the initiative but little happens. Spirit hosts attack Kurnoth again leaving one on two wounds. whilst everything else moves up. Ardboys advance and charge a branchwych and the Star Dragon munches the remaining brutes. Mournghul and Cabbage swipe ineffectively again taking the Tree to 7 wounds suffered, 

Tree revanents teleport behind my spirit hosts (I was surrounded by three forests at this stage) and Kurnoth teleport away to be near the Branchwyches...cowards. Treebeard then heals himself and does a great deal of damage to the dragon. Revanents get eaten by a Cairn Wraith before they can strike, leaving one to do nothing. Star Dragon maintains objective. 

Turn 3: 3 - 5

Kept the initiative and moved the spirit hosts as far as I could. Wraith goes for left objective and a unit of two spirit hosts charge and kill the final revenant. Other Spirit hosts move towards the melee with the tree and a unit of two manage to charge in but do nothing due to the very annoying stomp thing he does.
Mournghul takes the tree to 9 wounds or so and cabbage does little again but takes yet more wounds, putting him on 10. 

Judicators shoot and kill a number of 'ardboys and Kurnoth hunters are healed and charge the Mournghul. The Star Dragon moves off the right objective to the centre one whilst a Branchwych moves towards the right one.  Magic/shooting kills off the Shaman and the Star Dragon scores on centre objective then charges into the cabbage and kills it off, removing all the Ironjaw units. Mournghul kills off a Kurnoth to heal a bit and takes some wounds in return (though heals more than he takes) 

Turn 4: 6 - 9

Kept the initiative again and brought up all remaining spirit hosts bar two that failed their charge. An unwounded unit of three charged the Star Dragon only to be nommed before they make any attack...whut?! O.o ...ahem, Mournghul kills off treebeard (finally!) and takes the final Kurnoth to, healing up another 4 wounds total. judicators shoot at him taking him back to 6 wound lost. At this point the Dragon just took a major amount of my ability to hurt him and the game had already gone 2 hours so I said we'll do first to 10 points knowing I cant stop them scoring just so the game finished soon. The left wraith scored again and the general wraith had a go at the chaplain eternal fella doing some damage. 

In their turn they scored with the Branchwych to win and we called it there due to exhaustion. Team games are long especially when not everyone knows what they're doing, which wasn't just me. Still the game was interesting and I learned a lot. I can see why people complain about the Mournghul, but he didnt achieve much, more just wouldn't die. Right now I feel like Treebeard was far worse with the spells and various abilities each and every turn. 

Pics will be uploaded as soon as I get chance. 




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