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Episode 166 - Adepticon and Community

Spirit of Grungni

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Episode 166 - Adepticon and Community

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So Alex and I have on our man Domus. We talk all about what's been going on at and after Adepticon. There's a lot of cool stuff here in this episode.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:04:30 – Intro and welcome

0:04:30-0:05:30 – Commercial Break One

0:05:30-0:28:55 – GH News and The Toolbox

0:28:55-0:30:00 – Commercial Break Two

0:30:00-0:57:00 – Stuff we did at Adepticon

0:57:00-0:58:10 – Commercial Break Three

0:58:10-1:54:40 – More stuff we did at Adepticon

1:54:40-1:55:40 – Commercial Break Four

1:55:40-2:19:00 – Community Building meeting with GW

2:19:00-2:24:30 – End of show chit chat and show close


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As far as removing special character because they are dead is the stupidest reason to remove them from a tournament.  Throughout WHFB dead narrative characters have been in playable characters (Azhag, Vlad, Marius Leitdorf, Konrad, etc.)  I would say if you take out special characters that would mean all special characters.  Just my 2 cents anyway.  Especially since characters like Skarsnik have been given AoS updates even if they do not name him specifically.

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