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Line of sight for abilities in the shooting/combat phase



Hello all,

I've seen many discussions relating to line of sight for melee and missile attacks but is line of sight required for abilities that happen in the shooting/combat phase even if the ability doesn't state this.

For example a Lord Celestant on Dracoth's Storm Breath attack happens in the shooting phase so am I right in thinking that line of sight is required?

The Celestant Prime's Cometstrike Sceptre is another example of an ability that doesn't state line of sight is required but is it assumed it is needed due to it taking place in the shooting phase?

The main difference here is that the Storm Breath isn't listed a missile weapon but the Cometstrike Sceptre is.

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On 4/8/2017 at 5:20 PM, BaldoBeardo said:

The Celestant prime's sceptre attack doesn't target a unit, so is not required to pass LoS check. Storm breath is the same.

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Exactly as I see it -- most of the specialty attacks for the Stormcast reference "pick a point on the battlefield." According to the basic 4-page rules, "In order to attack an enemy unit [emphasis mine], an enemy model from that unit must be... visible to the attacker." No reference is made in the basic rules to visibility of targeting a spot on the battlefield. 

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