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Warherd 2500 pts


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Doombull Great Destroyer Runeblade

Doombull Runeblade

Doombull Runeblade


6 x 3 Bullgors


3 Ghorgons


2 Bullgor formations.

2540 (I'm over but my opponent is using GH1 points so we figured it didn't matter really).


I'm wondering the resiliency of the Doombulls for Runeblade vs Favour of the Gods.

This is also the models I own.  I would toss more Ghorgons in but I have 3 and the Cygor.


The idea is throw away and MSU akin to 6th edition Khorne Beasts of Chaos combined with hopefully getting +1 on 1/3 the units in CC.  I miss playing that book and I'm hoping I've stumbled across something that brings me back to those days in some manner.

 The changes I could also make are 6, 6, 3, 3 for Battle Line units but then I lose the second formation, 3rd Relic/Item/sword and I would be 1420 points.  It would also mean 5 Warscrolls don't get the +2A for Bloodgreed.  Bloodgreed often makes up for losing models.  I've run 6 man units so I understand their potential.  

It is my understanding that with the FAQ changes I'm technically not allowed to use the Bullgor Stampede as it says minotaur not bullgor.  Nuts to that ******.  

What about a Magethrone so two Doombulls can use their command abilities and I can split up the army into formations?

If people are interested I can post a bat rep.  

Thanks kindly,

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if you're not a competitive gamer, then you really want to look at the Bloodscorch Bulltribe batallion from GODBEASTS :)


A Bloodscorch Bulltribe consists of the following units: 

• 3 Ghorgons
• 3 units of Bullgors 


Add 1 to the Wounds characteristic of all Bloodscorch Bulltribe models. 

Slaughterers of Khorne: All units in a Bloodscorch Bulltribe have the KHORNE keyword. In addition, you can re-roll failed charge rolls for a Bloodscorch Bulltribe unit.

there aren't any points for it so you'd have to agree with your opponent what the trade off is, but theme wise it seems to be right up your street :)

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I have looked at it and played it.  Boy,.. it was mean.  Blood stoker and bloodsecrator, and a plague priest make Bullgors,.. ungodly.  I ran it at 140 points and we played the scenario.  He won (cause of a thematic last man standing of the necromancer escaping after my warherd charging down the table).


I don't think 140 was fair, you could pay 180 and it would still be brutal.  Even maybe 220 I would take it still.  


I'm hoping GW puts it in the GH2 :D

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MSU Warherds works so far (I assume in a tournament it would not).

Doombulls with Favour of the Gods and Runeblades murderize.  I forgot to extra dice on the bonus dice for more than half the game. 

I also took a Magethrone so my two formation Doombulls were both doing Slaughterers Call.

Ghorgons either flub or bring the pain and you roll well on everything and they heal up.

I would rate it as a gamblers list cause it doesn't have reliability, alpha strike or much more than "punch stuff in the face with a great axe".

Lots of fun though.

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17 hours ago, Lavy said:

Great to see people still playing beastmen err.. brayherds. I wouldn't mind a bat. Rep. If it's matched play. 

errr Warherd :P

There is a big group on FB of Beastmen players and the Brayherd part is pretty active.  Warherd not so much.

I took photos but I kept making mistakes (forgetting the +2A for the formation) so the bat rep would be an exercise in me learning by embarrassment :S  

Next game!  

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