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Hi guys,

Thought I'd make a little painting blog about a Hinterlands Skirmish warband I'm putting together.

The story behind this little warband, is at one point I was going to do an Ogor force for Age of Sigmar. I bought a bunch of second hand models, and was set to go. But I backed out on it, I'm already collecting Slaves to Darkness and Free Peoples. I decided I didn't need a third army that probably wasn't going to get any model or army book support in the future.

However, from the ashes rises the Searing Maw seekers. I did paint up a test model for my army which I was pretty happy with. And in addition, in the bits I got from the Ogor army, there was a full Rhinox in there! Imagine that, a complete Rhinox. Quite odd since both the Ironblasters had complete Rhinoxes with them... But from the left over bits and a few Ogor bodies, I'm going to make this warband come together!


So without further adieu, I present the Band of the Searing Maw.

First up, we have Vroknor Scorchseeker on his rhinox Grunter.


This is the guy that's the inspiration for the warband I guess. He's not quite done. I need to figure out what I want to do with the left side, since it's a bit empty at the moment (The right side has his Crossbow and an armour plate). Still, he's definitely come together in the last few days.


Next up, is Xarg Brightblade


This guy was the practice model for the army, and I'm quite happy with his look in the end. First time using cork on the bases, which turned out alright although I'm a bit worried there's a lot of flat surface without much going on. The original army had the idea that they'd be blessed by fire, and all their weapons would be burning hot. Not sure if I'll transition this to the other Ogors, or just leave it to Brightblade. Ogor clubs I don't think would look quite right like it, so we'll see how we go.

Lastly, we've got the Grots. 









I mainly only have access to the Grots you get in the Ogor boxes and the Grots from the Scrap Launcher. So it's a little bit interesting trying to get poses. Basher and Beater are obviously just straight from the regular Ogor boxes, nothing done there. Stabber is a little interesting, he's actually two Grots from the Scrap Launcher chopped up in the middle, with some kind of spear arm (Which strangely had Kislev written on it, not sure what that was about). Lastly we've got Luggage. Poor miserable Luggage. While the original Grot was holding a huge bag of various things, Luggage isn't much better off carrying a large iron bound chest.

And with everyone introduced, a shot of the entire warband


And there you have it guys. These guys are about ready for basing and paint. Think to get it done best, I'm going to keep them separate and then glue them to their bases after both are painted.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the kind comments. Got 5 different things on my hobby table at the moment, but the Ogors are taking the charge. Had a quick game of Shadow Wars: Armageddon today (lost :(), but came home in the afternoon, undercoated my warband and quickly smashed out the bases just this evening.


Now that the bases are all done, have to decide whether I want to paint Vroknor first or the Grots. I'm thinking the Grots, just because Vroknor is the prize to be painted, while the Grots may end up being a bit of a drag. Also gives me a bit of time to think about what colours I want my Rhinox to be. At this stage I'm thinking a fairly standard brown, as I don't think grey will work with the bases. Black could be interesting though. Let me know what you guys think.

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4 hours ago, Ratamaplata said:

What about a whip or lasso on the left side of Vroknor? Could look cool.

In the end Vroknor got an Ogor Club on his back alongside the quiver and a rope and hook hanging down on the left side. It looks a lot better, and I'm hoping if I freehand a nice looking tattoo that pops out on his army it'll work also. If it doesn't, I can always end up sculpting an armour plate an armour plate or something onto him later on.

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Pre-easter update time! Although, I suppose technically easter has started already in this part of the world, I got this painting done beforehand. 

The Grots are all done! Stabber was the test Grot, and I was pretty happy with how he turned out. Then a few nights back I ended up smashing out the rest of the Grots, so now only Vroknor and Grunter remains of my initial lot.




After Vroknor is complete, the warband will be done in it's initial state so will take a bit of a backseat on the painting and modelling table. That being said, these guys are only an initial Hinterlands warband, so do need to think about how they would evolve in the future. Probably need at least an Irongut and a few more Grots.

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Well, Easter didn't quite happen. Rather than Vronkor and Grunter, I've ended up painting other stuff primarily over the last month. A Grey Knights warband for Shadow War:Armageddon (Who got trounced in their one and only outing), as well as Be'Lakor for my Slaves to Darkness.

That being said, I organised a Hinterlands Warband gaming day at the club a while back which is coming up this Sunday, so out came the brushes in a frantic fury to get the leader done!

Of course, now I've come down with a cold (Hence, managing to finish Vroknor off today instead of Saturday), so that puts gaming on Sunday in jeopardy. But we'll see how it goes. Anyway, here we are, Vroknor, Grunter and the Band of the Searing Maw.




I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out apart from one thing. Sadly, I didn't quite use the same recipe for skin on Vroknor as I did on Xarg. I think I missed out on a Reikland Fleshshade (or Ogryn Flesh, since I have both) wash, as well as probably another targetted shade of purple. So Xarg looks like he's been sunbathing in oil, while Vroknor doesn't.


I still do have one last thing to do, which is to figure out some form of tattoo to put on Vroknor's left shoulder. In the end, to fill up that side a little more I also attached his Club on his back (Every good Ogor needs a combat weapon).


Now in theory, that's it for the base warband (and a few extra Grots). Of course, Age of Sigmar: Skirmish has thrown a bit of a wrench into things. I'm going to have to get the book, and have a think about how I'm going to run them (if at all I guess, I might start something different). I was thinking of converting a Vroknor on foot variant if I had enough bits (Not sure about the Crossbow bits, and definitely not the gut plate). But primarily I need to figure out how to make them legal in the new system. No points for finecast/metal models see's Ogors out of luck a bit as all their heroes are finecast/metal.

So we'll have to wait and see what happens for the Band of the Searing Maw.

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12 hours ago, Thundercake said:

What are you going to do for rules for the rhinox rider? Use the old WFB rules and modify them? Use rhinox profile and one of the stonehorn rider weapon rules?

The easiest solution is just to use him as a Mournfang Champion with the Pistol. Sadly I think under both Hinterlands and most like AoS: Skirmish, it's probably not legal (Hinterlands I think you need 3 or 5 models of the same type to get command options, Skirmish I expect something similar). 

Otherwise yeah, pulling bits and bobs from everywhere is pretty easy. Harpoon Launcher from the Thundertusk Beastriders, Club option from regular Ogors and Rhinox profile/rules from the Scraplauncher/Ironblaster. I did quickly punch one into Warscroll Designer a while back, although in this version the Crossbow uses the Pistol profile rather than the Harpoon Launcher.

Either way, I need a gentleman's agreement between friends to use his ranged option, which sucks :( but when you've got an idea, sometimes you just gotta go for it.


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Today the Band of the Searing Maw fought their first two games (possibly only?) of Hinterlands Skirmish.

In the first game, the band were searching for the renegade Ogor Torsklad, who was hiding out in some ruins nearby. Torsklad can committed some crimes to his tribe, so they had posted a bounty on his head that Vroknor was keen to take in.


"Yooz got nowhere to hide Torsklad!" bellowed Vroknor, while his valiant steed Grunter only gave a snort. Xarg Brightblade and the snots Beater and Basher were corralling the Ogor and his followers from the West. As the Vroknor urged Grunter towards his allies, he took a shot at an enemy Grot and missed.


However, the second shot flew true, slaying an enemy Grot. Meanwhile, Xarg got mixed up in a Grot trap, taking an injury. It obviously effected him, as he couldn't manage to take out the pesky snot, even with the help of Beater.

Meanwhile, Torsklad urged his boys to engage so he could escape through the ruins. 


The enemy Ogors entered the frey, however, they proved to be no match for Vroknor and Xarg. While Vroknor took a wound, this only encouraged him into a Wild Fury! Smashing both the enemy Ogor and Grot aside. Xarg similarly beat the enemy Ogor to a pulp.

However, had the enemy stalled enough for Torsklad to get away?


Vroknor urged Grunter onwards to catch up with his prey, but missed with his Crossbow. Xarg and the Grots pursued but were stalled by enemy Grots. Even reinforcements could not slow down the advance, and finally Vroknor had Torsklad in his sights.


With a keen eye, Vroknor lowered his Crossbow and fired a penetrating shot straight at Torsklad, ripping through his armour and flesh alike. Eager to move in for the kill, Grunter surged forwards and trampled Torsklad into the ground.


They had captured their prey, and dragged him back towards their camp.


Later on, as the Band of the Searing Maw headed back towards the tribe, to claim the bounty on Torsklad, the remainder of Torsklad's gang had barred the way. They would not let the Band through without a fight.


They had chosen a mystical forest surrounding an old Duardin outpost to bar Vroknor's way.


If enough of the Band of the Searing Maw could get through, they would be able to call reinforcements from the Ogor tribe to deal with the rebel Ogor's band.

Giving Grunter a swift kick, the band surged forwards. Vroknor stomped over an enemy Grot, but it was an ambush! 2 Enemy Ogors double teamed Vroknor. One beat Vroknor bloody, barely hanging from his saddle but in return Grunter smashes the other Ogor into the dirt. But it was not to be, Vroknor was toppled from his saddle!


It was up to Xarg to lead the way for the tribe, and his blade burnt bright! He smashed an enemy Ogor and 2 Grots standing in his way, before being engaged upon by the one who had felled Vroknor.


The enemy Ogor even charging Xarg, was not powerful enough to topple the Bull, as his blade sliced true and claimed another rebel Ogor. Their band all but destroyed, the lone remaining snivelling Grot fled the battleground in a rout.

But throughout the chaos, Torsklad had escaped when Vroknor had fallen. So he will have to be a bounty for another day, as Vroknor recovers from his wounds.


Hope you guys enjoyed. There were 6 of us playing Age of Sigmar today, but only me and my opponent playing Hinterlands Skirmish, which was a bit disappointing but we enjoyed ourselves none the less. We were a bit worried that an Ogor-off might be a bit boring, but in the end it was really fun and entertaining! I think it's because our warbands were pretty different and we created a mini-narrative around our two forces.

It's got me pretty keen for Skirmish games, but not impressed that 'official' Warhammer Skirmish isn't going to point finecast/metal models, leaving me with no Ogor options as a leader. So once I have the book going to have to think a bit about how I migrate them.

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Hey all,

Been a while since I posted in this topic. There have been murmurings recently among my more casual gaming group about running a Skirmish campaign. Not sure what's bought it about (We should all be chomping at the bit to get play large games of AoS 2.0 and not small games!), but either way I'm a bit of a crossroads when it comes to army painting at the moment, so this is a nice little distraction.

Ultimately I had a few options when it came to a new Skirmish warband:

1) Expand the Band of the Searing Maw.

2) Make a Greenskinz/Orruk and Grot warband

3) Make a Death warband from the new Nighthaunt

4) Make a Dispossessed warband

I ruled out the first three for a variety of reasons and decided to go with the Dispossessed. I've loved Dwarfs (or Duardin now) for a while, and have slowly been collecting some plastic models with the possibility of starting a Dispossessed army to fight alongside my Free Peoples in the future. The only problem was... to metal or to plastic?

I also have a collection of dwarves from the 90's and early 2000's that I got from my brother when he was getting out of the hobby. They've been sitting around for a while and I haven't been sure what to do with them.

So a dilemna! I do love the Dwarven viking look that the newer models have, but on the other hand the metal models have that charactful charm.

And ultimately I decided on...


That's right, the metals! While I do prefer the viking look, I've always had a gut feeling that these guys will end up as some form of skirmish warband. I've also got some old Bugmans rangers for Quarrellers, and then I just need to pick up a few of the old metal Ironbreakers and Hammerers.

And at the end of the day, the plastic models will make a great army down the track which I won't have issues tracking down extra models for. So it's better to save those for that time I think!

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