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Penalties & Points

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Would someone please explain the penalty and point system for this forum? 

I have two "point" on my record, one of which will expire and one that won't.  What's the difference?  Why is one foul worse than another? Why would any first private interaction with a mod get you potentially punished instead of warned?

What happens at 3 points? 10? 42?

Confused and worried. 

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It's more or a marker for us mods to track previous interactions. 

There is no official ban level yet. Not needed so far. There are very few people that needed to be talked to more than once. 

If you keep getting warned and are getting more and more points you will be kindly invited to find another forum to be an ass on. 

It that doesn't work the a ban will be issued. 

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Ok, thank you,  but it is still troubling to see a message from a mod that punishes you first before even having been given just a friendly "hey,  you may not be aware,  but that thing you said is not what we're aiming for. "

Instead,  you get "you are being childish,  here's a demerit."

I even got a point for not following a rule I had not seen yet

So, suggestion is to not let the first time one hears about points be when they get one and then think they are in some sort of danger.  That and ask your mods to not literally be insulting in their warnings - you know, the kind of implied name calling that would get a mod to sneak- penalize them.


Loving this forum, and respecting the rules,  just felt a little (more than a little)  blindsided.

Thank you for reading this and having this forum.

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