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Help with Khorne 1000p


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Greetings. I would like some help with a 1000p Khorne army. I just own the Bloodbound miniatures from the Age of Sigmar starter. I was thinking of using The Lord, Bloodsecrator, reavers and bloodwarriors. Then what? One thought was Bloodletters and a Slaughterpriest :)

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I'm having a lot of fun with the starter set battalion (Goreblade warband) and just fleshing it out a little...

If you add 10 Bloodreavers, 5 Bloodwarriors and 5 Skullreapers you end up with exactly 1000 points, and a 2 drop army if you want to decide who goes first.

or alternatively skip the reavers and take 5 Wrathmongers instead of the Skullreapers...

The Goreblade warband is really nice, making your charges a bit less likely to fail. And if you remember it, the extra attack if a unit is wiped out is never bad. I never remember it though...


good luck

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