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The SCGT Preparation Thread - Chaos Edition!


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Hey Guys!

With South Coast only a few weeks away, I thought it would be really cool to hear about what everyone's working on in preparation for south coast.

So, this is the place if you want to post up list ideas, talk about what hobby your working on, show off your WIP display boards and armies, terrain, whatever you want to!

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Well I was so close to finishing my force for South Coast. I was finishing my last 10 models (the dirty skyfires and shaman) and was already excitedly taking dramatic pics of them...


But I've changed my mind and need to go buy more models!! I'm a total idiot.


So still left:

9 skyfires (70% done)

tzaangor shaman (base)

10 pink horrors

10 brimstones


the blue scribes


Should be feasible if I crack on...


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I completed a bunch of terrain yesterday to go along with the rest of the Tzeentch army I've painted over the last few months. I've yet to put it all out on the table, but here is the list: 

Lord of Change x 3


Tzangor Shaman

10 x Marauders (x2)

10 x Pink Horrors

6 x Skyfires

Omniscient Oracles Battalion


Its quite exciting to think that the army will finally come out to play tomorrow. 

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