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Event USA: Realms in Conflict (San Diego)


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On 29th of May, Game Empire in San Diego will be hosting a Clash of Empires modeled event.   Warhammer World has been running hobby events with success using these rules.   It is purely an event for having fun, showing off your models, and playing with like minded people.  It is not a traditional competition of winner takes all.  Rules and sign-ups well be available by Wednesday the 11th at the front desk.  If are interested please come by the store and read the rules.   A link will be provided here by Tuesday for those rules as well.   I hope to see everyone there.

This is the link to the event rules.  They may be subject to editing but no major changes.  A copy these rules along with a scoring sheet will be provided at the event.  These are a straight rip off of the Throne of Skulls events at Warhammer World in Nottingham.  e-mail me if something is unclear or has an error. 


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