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Greetings from the Warp

Show me your Abyssal Terrors.. please

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7 minutes ago, Mohawk_Monkey said:

Going with what moon said earlier, i'm honestly not trying to be gamey with base sizes, i only had a spare 90mm oval. Gonna try and get the one in between 90 and 120 (105?) as that was the one suggested on the Ben Curry ultimate guide to bases (found in the TGA forums XD). Meanwhile i've pinched a 120mm from my brothers tzeentch that he's left at mine, to blu-tac (sticky rubbery material used to hang up teenagers posters for our non-uk friends) it onto if it becomes an issue for others.

Keen to make a tiered base with spooky spirits and skeletal hands coming out around the edges. But that really is a way off.

Also Please send me your bitz if you move again Sception. 

That was meant in reference to my abyssal terror being on a bigger base and measuring from the edge to make it easier to reach units for the double move spell, which I try not to do as this unit is a bit weird with being based on a smaller scale model to what the average model scale for AoS has moved to.

Your model is looking great though, great job! :)

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