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Slaves to darkness


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They're ok, suffer from a lack of serious damage output, going up against high save armies they suffer,

They excel at mortal wound saving but who targets a unit who specialises in that. 

They're best used with tzeentch in the fatesworn tbh

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I run majority Slaves to Darkness with a few other bits and pieces pulled in (So I have a Chaos Gargant, have Be'Lakor that I'll paint at some point, and would like to include more Chaos monsters in future).

I *personally* run Undivided, so don't really get to make use of any of the Battalion warscrolls. Basically they're tough, but that's all they really have going for them.

Chaos Chosen can throw out a ton of attacks, and are the most powerful thing in the Slaves to Darkness arsenal (They especially benefit from Daemonic Power or Chaos Warshrine buffs).


So at the end of the day, yeah they're usable. No they won't compete with the UK tournament lists you see running around. I'd say they're a tad below average because alone, they have no way to deal damage from a range and don't have anything that particularly threatens to hit hard (Chosen who hit hardest wouldn't delete a unit of 5 Liberators I would say).

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