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FEC 2000 pts. Abbatoir (thoughts appreciated)


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[So again I only have the start collecting and King Whateverhisnameis box sets to draw models from]


Crypt Haunter Courtier (General - which is unfortunate necessity to make Horrors Battleine)

Crypt Haunter Courtier (Abbatoir)

Varghulf Courtier

 Ghoul King on Terrorgiest

Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon


30x Crypt Ghouls (abbatoir)

6x Crypt Horrors (abbatoir

3x Crypt Horrors (abbatoir)

Battalion - Abbatoir

That's 1980 pts.

I thought two Crypt Haunters and a Varghulf to keep the Horror units up to strength

Plan to put the extra 5+ save from the GK on TG on the larger horror unit (or perhaps on self).

Plan to position the GK on ZD in close to the larger horror unit as well to give the re-roll Wounds (and Hits)

Plan to charge the GK on TG dowfield and in their face to draw fire from Courtiers

I thought (especially w/o a crypt ghast courtier, I'm better off with 1 big unit of ghouls so I get at least one turn of +1 attacks before they go below 20. 


******  So this means I'll be modeling 11/12 big bodies as Horrors rather than Flayers. I'm a bit scared to lock myself in this way.  Mistake?

Also, what would be the next logical expansion? A GK on foot for a +1 attack? More Horror?

I think I'm ruling out the necromancer and vampire lord on foot - I like their abilities, but I don't want to give up FEC allegiance. 


Lastly, as regards using the old battlescroll for the GK on foot, it looks like that's a no-go at my store. (Insane ability anyway)

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I like the looks of the list actually! I'd love to give it a game if I was close by to where you're located but I doubt that sadly :(.

In regards to the units, love the idea but personally, I'd split the ghouls into two units of 20, (Of course this is also technically an expansion). The reasoning behind this for me is literally the Varghulf Courtier and one Haunter Courtier can pump out enough to keep both the horrors and the ghouls pretty well topped up. 12 dice, any 5+ gets you a horror back, and 6 of them anything that's a 2+ gets you a Ghoul back. So you've got some pretty nice chances! All in all the list is pretty similar to mine, in regards to locking down to horrors, my honest advise is speak to a friend and ask them if you can play a test game with proxies using a list that uses horrors and a list that uses Flayers, proxy the models, and see what you prefer that way? That's how I came across my love for Horrors. I do hope you continue to enjoy your flesh and occasional Mushroom Salad (Orks)

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I may actually have to try this list it looks pretty good. It is a shame that the Crypt Haunter Courtier has to be the general due to stupid battle-line restrictions (it is so unfluffy to me that it makes me aggravated every time I think about it) but it looks really solid. I could see that it might struggle against good armor saves because you don't have a lot of rend, but that is basically flesh-eater courts regardless of what you do

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Thanks for the input.

FWIW I'm putting the smallest dab of gorilla glue on the arm connections for the horrors, so I can change out to Flayers if this doesn't work out.

I'm still quite a bit away from assembly, but I'll post impressions of list as I get some games in. (maybe about two weeks from now).

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