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Soul Grinder


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Thanks for your reply i am thinking about this list.please comment with any tips

  1. the glottkin 480
  2. great unlean one 240
  3. festus the leechlord 120
  4. soul grinder nurgle 280
  5. 10x plaguebearers 100
  6. 10x plaguebearers 100
  7. 10x plaguebearers 100
  8. 3x plague drones 220
  9. 10x putrid blightkings 360 

total 2000 pts

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15 hours ago, murf369 said:

Are soul grinders best used to just charge and get in to the action

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Youre paying for those close combat attacks so you might as well use them!

In all seriousness, the Soul Grinder is nice because he can run and shoot, allowing him to get into combat quickly while hurting things along the way.

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I have only used them with Khorne but I like him.

Part of the charme is the "scary factor".  He is a Big model and your opponents eye is drawn to him. You can force sort of your opponent to react to him. Especially in smaller point games.

And yes, get stuck in! When that claw does hit, youre in heaven!

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