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Fyreslayers - just won my 1st event (using old pts)


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Sorry of this thread is unwanted but despite the souring around me I just won my first event ever in 20-some years and did so with old pts Fyreslayers, so I'm stoked! 

1500 pts

Grimwrath Berzerker (general, phoenix gem, legendary fighter)

2 x smiters

1 battlesmith

5 auric hearthguard

10 hearthguard berzerkers w/flaming poleaxe

2 x 25 vulkites w/double weapons.


game 1 vs Tzeentch arcanites - take & hold: Grimwrath got 6 MW killed turn 1, declared banner guarding on objective with both hearthguard for buffs to guard but though they missed the game the enemy never made it near my objective. Skyfires rock. I want more for beyond use in my 40K thousand sons...when Slaanesh comes out add to that since I need a non-Order army. (damn Kharadon Overlords means that shift won't come for a while :)

game 2 vs. Ironjaws - blood & glory: tunneled for early objectives. Made correct choice not to get behind the megaboss and brute units. Only game Grimwrath got to fight. RR wounds from smiter mitigated my oft-whiffing with Grmwrath (and any Magambomb choice...at all :( ) so that was cool.

game 3 vs. Stormcasts - Border War:  90 min rounds weren't nearly long enough but some good choices in starting the objective clock early, avoiding fulminators until I had the combo set up,  and lots and lots of hair saves helped for a turn 3 overwhelming lead.

Feel free to ignore this, I'm just excited at winning an event, and with old pointed Fyreslayers at that! Even though some grumbling is disappointing I'm trying not to let it sour my achievement. 9_9:D

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thanks @Lord Veshnakar. I meant to take quicksilver potion but the app printed the list so I just went with it. Never came up. Turn 1 died 6 MW from Tzeentch. Game 2 the extra attack needed cuz anytime I swing with Grimwrath I'm gonna maybe land 1 wound, same with Magmabombz. Just a thing with me (to Kenny = unholy bad dice rolls....though my hair saves were pretty strong today--Aqua Net:P) so the extra attack helps. Smiter allowed RR wounds that game so when I got the follow-up attack and hit 5 times, rolled all 1s & 2s to wound it suddenly cleared the objective and game me the game.

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Great thread :)

im new yo fyreslayers so I would love to hear more about the list!

Its all infantry right? He heroes are all on foot it seems?

Why the beserker for general, when he has no command ability?

How did you deal with monsters and high saves? Poleaxe was enough?

Would you change anything about the list now that you have used it?

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Was only a local one-day event so nothing so crazy as Adepticon  or anything, but I'll take it ;)

@Urbanus it was all infantry due to (old/GHB 1.0) points being so expensive in 1500. The smiters for tunneling, smith to hold objective, die, then buff guarding units for all rerolls. Grimwrath, since he was in theory supposed to be fighting and actually be the hero doing something...and since he has no ability at all so inspiring presence was required for strategy.

No monsters like stonehorns in my games, but the hearthguard mortal wounds, combined with sheer weight of fire between 50 vulkites and nerf axes sniping targets, heroes that buff, or units from objectives to give that final push.

For this list, old points at 1500, I would have stuck with my original idea before wrong list printed and given Grimwrath the quicksilver potion so he can hopefully with the extra legendary fighter attack wound, activate immediately on enemy turn, then if die, roll 2+ to grant kiss before dying :) I love the once/game use of inspiring presence twice but couldn't bank on having the vulkites within 12" of general to make proper use of. 

Really can't wait to see our new traits and whatnot hopefully by summer in whatever publication.





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Just now, Aezeal said:

So what was the grumbling then?

I'd really rather not go too much into it but after some discussion this morning it turns out it was more upset at the event and timing and not really my army. I pick up negativity from opponents rather easily and it can kill immersion for me really fast, especially when I feel it's unwarranted or hypocritical. :) Like, for example, you're getting stomped by electing to play solo Fyreslayers and suddenly you do something right then all the sudden it's cheese or "oh, of course!" or that type of BS.

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