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Hammerer J


Ive been playing Warhammer since Grom the Paunch was a cardboard cut-out in the starter set & 'blister packs were x3 models for a fiver! I got into warhammer through a group of friends that I played Blood Bowl with during our school holidays - and as soon as I discovered the local GW stores I was hooked.

I love narrative play, especially map campaigns & anything I can tag fluff onto. My main army has always been death - due to a long time love for anything vampiric or ghastly! For AoS I also have Nurgle rotbringers as well as the starter armies.

I love to meet new people & grow my contacts of players to game against, & want to travel as much as possible to events, other club nights, & any activity that lets me express my love for the hobby.

Its for those exact reasons that I founded the Hammerers: to organise a group of busy adult professionals & provide them with the chance to game at least once a month & meet new, like minded individuals along the way. I'm just starting to see the fantastic results setting up a club can bring, now with x30+ active members & successful monthly club nights.

If you'd like to join us for games night, or meet at an event, or even arrange to play when you have time & travel to here/ to you, get in touch.


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Name is Dave

been doing the hobby for roughly about 16 years, got into the hobby via 40k then saw the light of warhammer 5th edition, and haven't stopped playing since AoS came out.

Like meeting new people brings fresh of air when you see something new on the field, all in all just a down to earth hobby gent, if your looking for a game of AoS leave a PM


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I've only been playing AoS for 8 months now since getting dragged into a GW shop with my 9 year old son.  I've always been drawn to RPG and narrative games and just loved the look of the models and how the game played. I played mainly with my son at home and even discovered that I really enjoyed the painting side of the hobby and the sense of achievement you get from a painted model and knowing you did it.

 I discovered the Hammerers on moving to Winchester and it is through them that my experience with the hobby has really flown. They were welcoming from the off and were really supportive of the fact that I was brand new to the hobby and generally had very little idea what I was doing.  There was always somebody willing to play and explain rules, despite my limited collection at the time and they have been quick to advise and provide suggestions on where to go and what to do next with the hobby.  I honestly can't recommend the group enough and think James has done a great job of creating such a friendly inclusive hobby environment.

I am now at the stage where I have built and painted my first 2000 point army and am about to take part in my first event.  I look forward to getting more involved with the narrative side of the game and getting to know the wider AoS community to both play against and discuss and share my love of the fluff and story.





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