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Welcome & Introduction

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Welcome Warmongers to our forum for the Hampshire Hammerers!

We are a group of Age of Sigmar wargamers meeting monthly at the Winchester Club on worthy lane, Winchester, Hampshire.

Currently, our monthly club nights are the first & third Wednesday of every month. 

We also arrange to meet all over the county arranging games through our Facebook page: The Hampshire Hammerers - though I'm sure we will migrate this to here instead ;) 

We also regularly attend GW's organised events & independent tournaments, including the fantastic SCGT, Blood & Glory and R.A.W. 

Many of us have been playing since as early as 4th edition WFB & have fully embraced the narrative & tactical play provided by AoS.

Specific tables can be booked for club nights depending on which 'realm' you wish to play on, & over the next few months we'll be adding the opportunity to use our House armies for new players & light travellers as well as anyone who just fancies trying out something different. 

Please feel free to contact us here, or on any of the information below if your interested in gaming together.

Twitter: @HantsHammerers 

Email: hampshirehammerers@gmail.com

We hope to see you somewhere in the mortal realms soon!


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