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So I put together a FEC army that utilises minimal Ghoul units, Ghast Courtiers and the Ghoul Patrol Battalion. Am I right in understanding that I can't use the Courtier ability or the Drawn to Battle special rule to add more Ghouls to my units, only to replenish models that have already died?

If this is the case then I need to rethink my army and would like some advice.

Original list;


Ghoul Courtier x 2

10 Ghouls x 3

Terrorgheist x 2

Zombie Dragon x 1

Ghoul Patrol and Royal Menagerie. 

This all came up to 2000. If my Ghoul Patrol, Command Ability and Courtiers are all unable to add additional models then I don't see this list working, what changes would you make to keep this up to scratch? 

Regards, Beast. 

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On 12/3/2017 at 3:50 PM, Thanatos Ares said:

In Matched Play then you are correct and the abilitys can only replenish models to existing units. Unless you are using reserve points

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Eve with  reserve points you can't add models to an existing unit over their original size.


@Beast: I'd suggest you to choose. Using both ROyal Managerie e Ghoul Patrol is quite an abosrbion of points and you don't gain much. You're putting quite a lot of points in the big beats... 

I'ts a pity that cause the FAQ those units names are not Keywords or you could cut down one of the beasts and play them quite usufully...


Anyway you could choice to change the general. You don't use it's command ability so... you can think about putting a VLoAT (converted to FEC theme if you want). SO taht you can save points, have a big shot and have a mor euseful thing.

I know you're using the GKoDZ cuase the GK so that you can heal the roayl manageri TG; but still put so it doesn't work.


I'd suggest you to keep only on of the warscroll battlalions and change the things. Using such big shots it requires then some mass to substain so I'd suggest to create mix Death lists.


Instead if you want to keep the Goul Patrol you have to keep off the roayl managerie. You can think abuot keeping away 1 of the DZ/TG and make them GKoTG/DZ so to keep the beasts and have more big weight. Otherways...simply point on using only 2 in total GKoTG/DZ an use other points to reinforce the ghoul patorl, to use the reserve points to summon using the command ability. Or simply add other FEC units. 

It's based everything on how you wnat to redirect the points and how many big shots you want to keep.

But both warscroll battlaions are quite unplayable together cause they require both quite a huge amount of points.

I could suggest you to use crypt horrors warscroll battlaions instea,d but it would change the list quite heavely.


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