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Getting back into dwarfs from old fantasy. Starting with 1k. I don't know what is competitive with them and only have a few games under my belt in sigmar so here goes. 



warden king

Grim burlockson

battle line:

20 dwarfs w/ shields

10 dwarfs w/ great axes


1 cannon 

20 quarrelers


is this a good start or no? Eventually wanting to add in 20 iron breakers and 2 units of 10 iron drakes. 

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I think it's a good start. I'd think about speed/board/scenarios. Dwarfs are really, really slow. You'll need Josef Bugman (with Quarrelers), Miners/Fyreslayers tunneling, Gyrocopters. Think about a Runepreist too, and Flame Cannons are great. Long beards really help too.

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