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Episode 164 - Carl Plays AoS

Spirit of Grungni

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Episode 164 - Carl Plays AoS

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So Alex and I have on Carl from The Independent Characters to talk about his first few games of Age of Sigmar. We talk about his thoughts on the game, what he liked and what he thought would be cool to see ported over to 8th edition 40K. It's a fun conversation and Carl is always great as anyone who listens to The Independent Characters, probably the most popular 40K podcast out there, knows.



Show Index

0:00:00-0:12:15 – Intro, voicemail and other nonsense

0:12:15-0:13:15 – Commercial Break One

0:13:15-0:55:15 – The Garagehammer News Nework AND The Toolbox

0:55:15-0:56:30 – Commercial Break Two

0:56:30-1:36:45 – Carl from the Independent Characters talks AoS from a 40K perspective

1:36:45-1:37:50 – Commercial Break Three

1:37:50-2:03:00 – More talk about AoS for 40K players and then show close


Carl Tuttle is the host of The Independent Characters. You can find his show here:  http://theindependentcharacters.com/blog/


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