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Death noob - need help!


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So I'm pretty much sold on death right now. After been playing Skaven for a while i feel its time for something different. 
My original plan was to start a TK army, but after much thinking and evaluating i feel its simply not worth the time and money on models that are no longer supported :(
however, luckily death managed to drag me in anyway and I'm really excited to get this army going!
Im more of a thematic/lore-ish player rather than super competitive, that said i still want something that works fairly well. Im especially drawn to Deathrattle, and thats where i wanna focus, with a touch of some other stuff.  Basically i want skeletons and bats all over the place, so big units of skellies, grave guard, wight king, black knights/hexwraiths (but not morghast cus they're fugly) feels pretty much like a must. i would like to top that off with some terrorgheist, vargheists, varghulf etc. that sorta thing. Lots of Skulls and batwings basically.
I really fancy the death lords and mages as well so ill gladly throw in arkhan, neferata and necromancers!
for starters i figure 1000pts is a good place to begin. 
like i said: skeletons and batwings, but thats all i know for now. how well this combination actually plays out and synergies etc. is what i hope that you guys could help with :)

The way i picture my force to work is pretty much based on what I've heard about death: slowly wearing the enemy back while my troops keeps coming back. This seems so utterly epic and cool so this is really where i wanna focus! Masses of skeletons just coming back to life by the power of the necromancers while the enemy flees or dies in horror kinda thing. 


anyway, I'm really looking forward to raise some dead so feel free to help me out or just leave comments of what you think!

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To be honest, aren't all death models the crowned king of ugly? I wouldn't exactly call a Terrorgheist "pretty" xD

But yes as stated above, if you want skellybobs or ghouls, etc you want to run them as a swarm, ideally with a necromancer or something to buff them up! (My personal favorite is Ghoul King on foot and well anything Flesh EAter courts! +1 to hit +1 to wound is nasty! Specially when you get spells among the flesh eater courts that grant rerolls to wound)
Personal favorite for old fashion "Hey look I have undead" Is zombies, corpse cart, necromancer. swamp the board and slowly eat faces :D

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