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Question about Dispossessed unit sizes


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I'm curious about giving Duardin a try, either by themselves or in a mixed Order army. What size units are effective for their melee infantry? I'm mostly interested in Warriors, Ironbreakers, and Longbeards. I'm also curious if people have luck with hammerers, they just seem really expensive for what they do. Irondrakes seem like they can work just fine in 10 dwarf units.

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In my personal experience here is what I find:

warriors - are always going to benefit from large unit sizes whatever you need them to do (except, obviously, be cheap battleline). The banner making half the number of models flee is a big bonus, and a 5+ rerollable feels pointless until you get one lucky roll. A large unit has more chances to find that lucky roll. Their base attacking power is pretty much equivalent to any other given unit (no special rules, but 3s and 4s are all you can really expect from a normal unit) so the lower price per attack from them is good.

ranged - either quarellers or thunderers want big units every time. 20 or fewer, take thunderers, if you can fit 30, then quarellers. Or take quarellers if your plan is something different than pure supporting fire. 

Longbeards - exist to be an 8" buff bubble, so they like to be in min sized units, but if you are building the batallion and only have one slot, it could make sense to double up.

Ironbreakers - seem to be hit or miss. They are awesome against most close combat attacks, but you count on them to weather the storm so one bad roll is really going to be a bad day for you. I personally only run them in 10s but the case could definitely be made for larger units, especially if you want to place a defensive line and expect them to win their fights with little to no support.

Hammerers - work like a scalpel. Dont charge them unless you are going to activate them first (like the Unforged). A min sized unit will probably be sufficent for most killings. You take them instead of 20 warriors when you want a smaller footprint. Enemy charges the fronline of warriors, the unit of hammerers was hiding behind them, out of charge range, and cleans up once it is your turn.

Irondrakes - as far as I can tell, there is no reason to ever take units of more than 10. Maximise those torpedo rolls! Literally the only time i would take more than that is if i was trying to have fun doing weird things or had some good narrative reason. I am sure they would do fine at whatever you wanted, but i dont think the argument even could exist that they would be effecient for their points at sizes more than 10.

That is my take, for what it is worth. I am intersted to see what other people say too, because I feel like dispossesed efficacy is purely reflective of how you use it, so I like to hear how other people try to use things, every chance I get

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