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Magnetizing beastclaw raider's?

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Hey folks and folkettes. I'm having some trouble magnetizing the riders for my beastclaw raider's. I'm not sure which arms are compatible with the shawl thing and the best locations to put the magnets themselves.

And additionally, with the reigns and the handle things that hold the reigns. 

Does anybody have a resource for magnetizing the stonehorn and thundertusk? I can't seem to find one.

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Here's what I did after just figuring my way around stuff.  Its probably horrible, but I'll try.

Put a really wide magnet between the shoulders, just behind that notch where the head fits in.  The magnet I used takes up nearly the whole space available,  I tried a smaller one but it wasn't strong enough.

Put as wide of a magnet that'll fit inside the head before you glue the two halves together.  You may need to use greenstuff.  Stick the magnet and greenstuff into place on one half, and then glue the two halves together.  Then set it in place, so that the shoulder-magnets hold the head magnet into place while the glue/greenstuff cure.

Each head has its own reigns.  Put the rider in place.  Then glue the reigns onto one head.  Make sure they are in the proper positioning, the little chains should fit into the rungs on the rider's hands.  Let the glue cure like that so it cures in the proper position and doesn't risk sliding.  Do this for both heads, don't glue the reigns to the rider though.

Before glueing on the back - I placed a magnet in the belly, as near to the tail as you can get.  Then I drilled a small hole into each tail and super-glued a paper clip into it.  Then drilled a small hole into the junction where the tail slips in.  Your paper clip will go through the junction.  Just make sure you glue/greenstuff the magnet into place on the inside of the stomach so that the paperclip attaches to it.  This should hold it i place.

The riders I've left unmagnetized so far.  You should be able to slip the backpannels off as you need, swapping between the flat back (Huskard) and secondary rider.  Just make sure you don't pick it up by the rider.  This may be a little more complicated to magnetize so I don't know if I'm going to bother.

The Huskard has that bone-jaw thing that sticks off the back of his saddle.  I don't think you can attach this as it shows and still have it swappable with the Beastriders.

I think the Shawl thing only fits with the Vulture and Spear.  One of my Beastriders just has a Blood Vulture and he basically only has cloth on that one arm.  It looks not so bad, you could maybe just greenstuff a little snippet so that it looks like he's just a bad ass witih an armband like !!JOHN CENA!!


I hope that helps.  It really was a mess of trial and error, couldn't really find a step by step guide either.  Had to break the back pannels off a few times. -.-

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