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Summoning Paid-for Units

Tokyo Nift


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Ish.  The way summoning works is you put aside points for your "Summoning Pool".  Then as you successfully cast summoning spells you use the points from that pool and setup the newly summoned unit.  The point being you don't have to pick it upfront.

So theoretically if you were running to 2000 points, you could pick 1700 points and have a 300 point summoning pool.  During the game you can then summon your Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury and use all 300 points in one hit.

Alternatively you could decide to summon 3 units of 10 Bloodletters during the course of the game instead, the choice is up to you.

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In a matched play battle you can't do that. The reinforcement pool where your summoning comes from should be stated with total points value on your army list. So if you don't place your bloodthirster that you have paid for on the table at the start of the battle the reinforcement pool doesn't increase so you loose the points for the bloodthirster.

This is really only relevant in the case of the bloodthirster in a tournament setting where you play several games with a fixed list.

Where it is more relevant and more abusive is if you try to put your battleline units off table into your reinforcement pool. And that's also something you can't do ofcourse.

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