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1k mixed death start


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Im pretty much sold on starting a death army so my initial plan is to get a FEC starter box and then skeletons. My 1st 1k list will be


Tomb Banshee

30 skeletons 

10 ghouls

3 crypt horrors

1 terrorgheist

Ive read guides and opinions so this seems ok but Im open to any suggestions and cc.

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Well FEC doesn't really mix well with the rest of Death if you're aiming long term.

FEC armies are typically something like Ghoul King on Terror/Zombie Dragon

3-6-9-12 Crypt Horrors

20-30-50 Ghouls

0-3-6 Crypt Flayers

1-2 Varghulf

0-5 other hero/leader units that buff your troops.

They synergize highly, and really only the necromancer from the rest of Death fits in well with them.

If FEC lists aren't synergy heavy, they're basically dudes with paper armor and paper attacks that don't regenerate. (Except the GKoT/GKoZD).


Of course it's all fine and fun either way, but personally I'm a stickler for that kind of thing.

My opinion if you like Death, either go full FEC, or grab the start collecting boxes for Deathrattle/Malignant and go Death, but avoid FEC ad avoid Tomb Kings.


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We should send a petition to bring back the necrosphinx.

But anyway I got the FEC start collecting but I'll build a vampire zombie dragon (even though its pricey)

and maybe vargheists instead of crypt horrors.

The ghouls I dont mind cos they'll be 2nd min battleline unit that can move faster than skeles.

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I have see that its possible to magnetize terrorgest head/zomie dragon head, same with Ghoul King / Vampire Lord's butt so you can change the rider/dragon head out. Consider that before gluing.

You could also consider putting pitchforks in the ghoul hands and making the ghouls as zombies for cheapest battleline :D

2 hours ago, CoffeeGrunt said:

Why avoid Tomb Kings?

I don't have an issue with Tomb Kings, but if a player is starting anew army, I certainly don't think they should aim for an out-of-print army you can only find on second hand stores, likely a large % of it in metal/pewter, with square bases and or already/partially painted, that's a fast way to get overwhelmed with both prices and ****** to do/fix/find. Also the warscrolls are getting their points appropriately pointed, but only time will tell if it is a proper balance or an overnerf...and even if it is, it's not like it was easy to go start a Tomb Kings army anyways. 

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