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Goodwin's Beastclaw 1.5k


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Hey hey,

I mostly lurk around the tentacle-clad section of the forum, but last Summer I went bananas and picked up Icewind Assault to add to the Hunters and Thundertusk I already owned.  Why not?  I went and magnetized all the big boys, so I can run Stonehorn or Thundertusks, and also will be magnetizing the riders (most of them).  The only thing I'm stuck with is for sure at least 1 Beastrider, and for sure 1 Huskard, since I got lazy with magnets.

I'll be going to my first AoS tournament next month.  1.5k points, using 2k requirements.  I haven't run these guys yet, but was thinking of rolling this out.


Icebrow Hunter







It seems like it'll be really oppressive or really bad, depending on match ups?  My idea is to keep the Hunter off the board until later game rounds so I can have him jump in and steal an objective.  At least, that's how it'll work in my head.  Then I'll win and everyone will hoist me on their shoulders.

I also own like 8 Mournfang, 6 Sabertusks, 3 Yeehtee, and another Hunter.

So, I could also probably run a version of the list centered on Stonehorns?

I could roll the Husktusk as a Frostlord, I think, if I drop the Hunter, but then I'll lose the healing and that stealthy ability of the hunter.

I do own some regular Gutbusters, but I think I'd like to keep the army fully Beastclaw (rounds and squares look weird, and I can't afford to rebase right now!).  I've read that adding Savages to the list for bodies is a good idea, but that'll be way outa my price range for now.


Hope to hear from you guys!,



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