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How does Mistweaver Saih's "glimmermist" ability work?



Hey team,

Quick question. I am putting together a 1K tournament mixed aelf list and trying to make a decision between throwing in a Mistweaver Saih or an extra 10 Dreadspears for my last 80 points. I had a question about Saih's Glimmermist ability. It says that once per turn when the model is chosen as the target for an attack, her save is increased to 1+ against that attack. So two things: Does this trump The Rule of 1, and a save roll of 1 would be a save( I don't think so, Rules of 1 takes precedence over all all in my interpretation)? And, does this buff effect all the attacks of 1 type from an enemy unit, or just 1 attack? For example, if she was targeted by a bolt thrower with 12 shots and you used this ability, would it only affect one shot that went through, or all the shots that went through? Thanks so much for any insights!

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1. Yes, the Rules of One take precedence.

2. Just one attack. Your opponent will need to resolve that attack separately, because it might miss. So in the bolt thrower example, you need to declare before your opponent rolls "to hit", and they need to make 1 attack separately from the other 11 (maybe use a different coloured dice).

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