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Starting my campaign army


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Hey all. 

So my local games workshop just announced that in the start of april they are going to be running a map based campaign with in the realms of firemouth. And like the fool i am, decided to try and get my first ever army painted up for it to compete and help claim the ownership of these lands for the mighty forces of destruction. I mean, come on, after losing that world wide campaign to order, we gots to take something from them ;p

So i've decided to take up my bonesplitterz into the land of fire (and hopefully big monsters), and luckily for me, almost have a fully built army for them. After putting my blood (literally, remember kids, scalpels are sharp), sweat, and possibly some tears they are almost built. Just need to put the shields on the last of my orruks and build the last 5 boar boy riders and we are good to go. 

Now i'm not a competitive gamer in any sense, i crack easily under pressure so i tend to pretty much avoid tournaments and stick to friendlies. So for fluff reasons i don't tend to go straight for the prophet in a low points game, make no sense why da boss would be leading such a small force xD

But as for what i am thinking of taking is this:

Savage Orruk Big Boss 

Wardokk/Maniak Weirdnob

20 Savage Orruks (Chompa's)

20 Savage Orruks (Stikka's)

10 Savage Orruk Boarboys (Haven't decided on weapon)

2 Big Stabba's / 10 savage orruk arrowboys

Battalion - Brutal Rukk

Total 960/980pts

Basically i've went for a force that's basically going to move quickly up the board in case i have to deal with any shooting armies, or just in case they are trying to hides from me. 

The things i'm not certain on is what to equip the boarboys with, to take either the maniak or the wardokk, and finally what items to give my characters. Also would 10 arrowboys be more beneficial than two stabba's ? I haven't played many games with bonesplitterz, so any advice would be great ^^

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