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Scourge privateers


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I'm thinking of doing a 1k pts list but I'm very unsure how viable they are on their own. Has anyone used them and can give some insight? 

I really don't want to mix in other factions if I can help ig because I like their theme a lot and Darkling covens is kinda meh but would be needed for battleline if I want to bring somerhing else. 

Biggest detriment for me when going only scourge is the fact thar there's only one hero. Anyways my super temporary list looks like this:

2x black ark fleetmasters

30 corsairs with cutlasses

2x10 corsairs with repeater handbows

2 chariots

1 kharybdis

As you can see it's mostly corsairs. I did two small units with the handbows mostly so they could sortof reinforce the blobs flanks or sit on objectives.I'm not sure what to bring at all tbh:P

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