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Trade box of Liberators


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First! :D

At home i have a box of Liberators and have no use of them. Maybe some kind person is willingly to give them a nice home and some sweet paint. :) The box is bot even opend! Maybe you can make me a good offer for trade! 

Also i have some leftovers from the Skarbrand Kit. Wich i would get rid of! You can have them for free if you are gonna pay for the costs of sending them to you! 

Just give me a PN or write down here. 

Greetings Xerox!

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Hmmm Never thought about that.?


Some Choas stuff, if Daemon or mortal idc. Maybe some Warriors, Wrathmongers/Skulltakers or what ever have the same value. 

Also i can have some use out of a Box Cryphorrors/Vargheists. 

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I have a box (the old one) of ten bonsplitters and a lot of 40k stuff if you are interested? Sorry, the chaos is my girlfriends lol and she won't let me trade them. They dont have boxes (moving around) but i can give you pics before you decide, pretty much all is on the sprues.


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