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TheDiceAbide's Beastclaw Raiders and Sylvaneth


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My Beasclaw Raiders are coming up soon in my painting queue (just behind two Infinity models and my dwarf BB team), which means it's time to finish off my conversion work. The last couple days gave me a bit of time to finish work on my Torr Huskard (Thundertusk), as well as my Frostlord (on mount with swappable head). I was excited when the Vulcharc came out for the Kairic Acolytes so that I could get a different posed bird in the army, and it fits perfectly with the feel I wanted for my Huskard, plus I have a second one to put in the army somewhere (and may want to get a couple more eventually).







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1 hour ago, Crowsfoot said:

They look really good I especially like the pipe, any ideas on colour schemes?

Funny you should ask, I just got done priming all of the models.

I prefer mine to be inspired by different snow-dwelling animals, instead of everything being the same. My Stonehorn are painted off-white with dark grey skin, kind of like a polar bear (starts off as that yellow). The Thundertusks will be red-brown, inspired by Woolly Mammoths. My Frostlord's mount will be albino, bear-cats will be dark brown, wolves and Yhetees will be off-white.



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Been making some progress on my Sylvaneth, I'm going for a Miyazaki feel to them. I made my Branchnymphs by mixing in wildrider parts, same with the Branchwraith, who was also given a horn (to summon more Dryads with). I whipped up a pile of Hokora to put on the base of my Treeman ancient, though I think I may add a bunch more.67637046_2581419275212222_863147268100849664_n.jpg.c5461466332d971ed6c26a64b4f4b149.jpg67757076_2581419345212215_8009154567180648448_n.jpg.178e8874e7e5755546ed944ba818dc4b.jpg67953120_2581419411878875_6168663086870822912_n.jpg.bf866ded5da24c9883d1b1fe776baf39.jpg68775595_2588717751149041_5737046619111555072_o.jpg.eb31249ac808d1cdced73e328eb960c0.jpg67833579_2588717951149021_4616509030477594624_o.jpg.ec2d0f2dce530ff5cbbc84c6b9a98e02.jpg67942064_2588717841149032_8066127956902150144_o.jpg.4e0afcea41fe1daf2dbc2cdd2ea10d95.jpg

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