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Magaboss command ability


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Hey all, new here, but I did have a question for you all.

based on the FAQ, I was wondering if for the Megaboss's command ability: Waaagh! if the Megaboss himself counts as one of the units that are within 10" when determining how many units are within this range for the roll?

Example. would two units of brutes and the megaboss general using the command ability count as 3 units?

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4 minutes ago, N_Watson said:

Yes, he counts himself. 

And the closes model to a Wierdnob shaman is always himself as well. So when he inflicts d3 mortals for rolling a double, he does it to himself. 

The Weirdnob also gets an extra dice from being withing 10" of himself when rolling for the Weirdfist, and he counts when checking if he is within 10" of 10 or 20 models for +1 or +2 to casting rolls.

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