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Episode 163 Flesh-Eater Courts

Spirit of Grungni

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Episode 163 – Flesh Eater Courts

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So Alex and I talk about some hobby news before jumping into the Flesh Eater Courts book. It’s a cool and exciting episode and we think you’ll really enjoy it if you’re a story stinker or if you want list building tips.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:20:30 – Intro, voicemail and other nonsense

0:20:30-0:21:35 – Commercial Break One

0:21:35-0:30:00 – News brought to you by the Garagehammer News Nework

0:30:00-1:10:05 – First impressions and history of FEC

1:10:05-1:11:05 – Commercial Break Two

1:11:05-1:41:45 – Army hierarchy and unit information

1:41:45-1:42:45 – Commercial Break Three

1:42:45-2:29:30 – Warscrolls and Warscroll Battalions

2:29:30-2:30:40 – Commercial Break Four

2:30:40-3:01:15 – Battleplans and some list building talk

3:01:15-3:06:30 – Announcements and show close


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