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2k list for tourney today


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Played in a 2k tourney today. Went 3-0, 2 majors, 1 minor. 


Megaboss Talisman

3 warchanters

1 Weirdboy Talisman

Gore gruntas


15 brutes- boss was general with +1 to hit trait

5 brutes

5 brutes

5 brutes

10 ardboys


Game one:

Mixed destruction

(from memory)

Stone horn


Fire belly

3 units bulls

1 unit ironguts

1 unit fimir

Dread maw


Scenario : blood and glory- won 4th turn by controlling all objectives, end of game= stonehorn on 6 wounds, dreadmaw on 3, brutesquad went ham and just murderized everything while some squads held up the stonehorn and dreadmaw.


Game 2- vs Stormcasts- 3 places of power

(battalion that ignores Battelshock and ports down)

prosecutors w jav/trident

10 protectors w 4 ss maces

5 decimators 2 ss maces

2 units of libbys




2 units of bow judicators



He decided to go 2nd, i ran up and started collecting points bubble wrapping characters- ended 12-7 in my favor.  Highlight- Prime came down and charged the brutesquad- doing some good damage, but they smacked him down hard after his attacks


Game 3 Vs Tomb kings- gifts from the heavens


2 kings in charriot


2 morghast archai

2 units of 30 skellies

6 snake riders

chariot unit


This was a funny game. we played chicken, sitting on our objectives, with gore gruntas holding up the chariots and tk in chariot. t5, his turn, he flies the snakes out to try to score some points, fails. My brutes kill 1 tk in chariot and my gore gruntas runaway to end the game tied on objective points, with the one unit casualty being a tk in chariot. 




orruk 2.jpg

orruk 3.jpg

orruk 4.jpg

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