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Buffs That Don't Specify a Keyword.


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In the thread linked below @yarrickson has compiled a list of all of the abilities available to Order players of all factions which don't specify a keyword for their buffs. In other words, they can affect models from any faction.  Does anyone know of a similar list for Chaos?  I'm embracing AoS' open list building and want to put as many cool models as possible on the table, whilst maintaining a viable, reasonably competitive force.  What are all of the sneaky combos?

Update: I'll compile a list here if people start making suggestions. 

Sayl the Faithless: Traitors Mist

Chaos Sorceror Lord: Daemonic Power and Oracular Visions. Vision

Archaon, Grand Marshall: Warlord without equal, Crown of Domination

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