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Aelves questions and confusion.


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Hey guys. So for my first army, I picked up the Spire of Dawn elves for cheap. I have purchased two things in my pursuit for 2k points, Phoenix Guard and Dragon Blades, for heavy weapons and heavy cavalry. I plan to run the Guardians of the Dawnspire batallion with the Spyreheart Warhost as well if points allow it. I have several questions, as some things are confusing and not explained very well.

1.) Phoenix Guard - The warscroll states the unit is 5 or more models, but the GHB states a minimum of 10 models. Which is correct? And is it 200 points for 10 models or 200 points for max models? 

2.) Spireguard - The AoS app says 200 points, but the GHB says 120 points. This is a major difference if I were to play 1k points, as it kind of limits the choices to complete the Spire elves to 1k. 


I had one more question, but naturally cannot think of it currently. But these are my main two. Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to playing!

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