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Silver Tower WIP

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So, I picked up a copy of the Silver Tower in early January and embarked on my first bit of model painting since about 1997. I'm now just over halfway through the set and loving it and, having made some noticeable improvements in my painting skills, thought it might be time to pop a few up online and get some feedback and hopefully a few pointers.

I'm sorry about the bad pictures and lighting. I do have a camera somewhere and at least one more light, which I will try and dig out for next time.


Wanted my Brimstones to represent all the colours of flames I was going to use in the army and was also a good chance to try some colour blending.


Trying out some different colour schemes for the Acolytes and Tzaangors in preparation for a Tzeentch Arcanites army as my next project. The grey was a bad choice for the Tzaangor's armor...


Three of the heroes. Not sure the Mistweaver is blending into any mists...

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