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Slambo Is Here!


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He is here assembled and glorious! I am not a chaos player but I picked this model up because i loved its look and because I wanted something to practice painting on. I am newer to the painting side of the hobby so I am looking forward to making him my March painting project and using it to improve.

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25 minutes ago, AAL said:

Does anyone know what he is technically made of? I haven't seen this type of plastic used before.

Citadel Failcast... sorry I mean Finecast

It's a soft, paper-like material that cuts very easily, is non-brittle and holds detail well. It's great for painting but takes a  lot of cleaning up.

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1 hour ago, DynamicCalories said:

People always say that but he only had one axe


He only had one axe, but you've go the wrong Chaos Warrior there. That's a Chaos Warrior from the monopose regiment box that came out during 4th edition Warahammer.


He was also featured in the 3rd Edition Talisman supplement Dungeon of Doom:



The Heroquest Chaos Warrior Slambo is commonly mistaken for and was without doubt inspired by him (especially if you look at the original metal prototype) is this guy:



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9 hours ago, Chris Tomlin said:

I wanna be a Slambro!!

Need to pick up the model so I can join the club. Is it actually finecast though? I thought the current resin was a different material, no?

Good work on the memes @Clarence69, I like the Drake one best!

Join the cult of Slambro and let all games wit him be shenanigans!

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