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40k player, curious about AOS


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Hello everyone. I'm a long time 40k player, on and off through the years. My roommate got me back into the hobby, and he's getting into Age of Sigmar and got me curious, and recommended this forum for info. I played Fantasy quite a long time ago with Dogs of War and Chaos Dwarves, and honestly hadn't paid much attention to AOS until now. Some of the local folks let me leaf through the General's Handbook and some of the Battletomes to get a look, and I'm honestly impressed with the whole thing and feel bad about ignoring the game for so long.

I was wondering if this is a bad time to start, though. I hear there's a new edition coming out this year and am not sure if I should wait for that. I was also confused about the Compendium armies...are these legal to play in tournaments and such, and will they be sticking around for later editions? I'm most interested in what used to be the Empire and noticed they're unified in a Compendium but split into different factions in the normal game. Also wondering if there will be more normal human releases in the future? Stormcast aren't really my thing, and I notice they discontinued Bretonnian and many Empire miniatures.

Other than that....I play Daemons of Chaos in 40k so I probably already have a viable army :P

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