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1750 Warhammer fest on a budget advice!


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Hi, new here and wanting to crowd source some good ideas.  I am heading down to Warhammer Fest for the 1750 points tournament in May. It will be my first ever tournament. I am going mainly for fun, but would like a list that at list will be fun for others to play against and wont get steam rollered. On top of that, I have a budget of £110 (£30 a month plus £20 i have tucked away.)  So it will be a (fun) challenge simply to make a list and paint it I hope.


I already have:


30 skeletons (20 with spears, 10 with swords)

8 Grave Guard

5 Black Knights


Necromancer on nightmare

Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade

Cairn Wraith



I was thinking thinking of getting another get collecting skeleton horde, and making a unit of hexwraiths and taking another Mortarch down (not sure which). I think the vampire lord's spell to reduce attacks would probably be very useful?  I am not sure if two Mortarchs is good or a lot of points...

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OK, that works out to be 1380 points with what you've got (so 370 points lacking).

Initial impression is that you're very low on number of bodies and you've not got enough Battleline (you need 3 for this points level).  I'd be looking at fielding more skeletons - a lot more ;)  At least 30 + 10 + 10 for them to make an impact and preferably 40 for the large unit.

8 Grave Guard will cost the same number of points as 10 so you're going to be slightly points inefficient.

On a positive, £110 should be enough to boost up the army to the level you need :) 

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for the battleline requirements, i initially thought the same @Rahr My friend clarified it as in games of UP to 1000 points - 2 battleline.  games of Up to 2000 3 battleline. does that make sense?


List wise after advise from others i was thinking of taking (1740pts):

- Neferata (440)

- Necromancer (120)

- Vampire Lord (140)

- 3 Crypt Horrors (140)

- 5 Dire Wolves (60)

- 5 Dire Wolves (60)

Battalion: Legion of Death (60)

- Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blad

- 10 Skeletons ( spears) (80)

- 10 Skeletons ( spears) (80)

- 10 Skeletons ( swords) (80)

- 5 Black Knights (120)

- 15 Graveguard (240)



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