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Golden Demon official website!


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Check out the amazing new Golden Demon website from the Games Workshop community events team.

As you would imagine from games workshop, the site is really amazing and does a great job of showing of the previous event winners.  At the moment it only as the 2013 event but I would bet my house on the fact that it will soon be pack full of all the winners from more recent events and hopefully stretching back to into the archives too. 


See the website at golden-demon.com

If you fancy entering Golden Demon or checking out an event in person then the next one is at Warhammer Fest on 14th/15th May in Coventry.  


Let me know your favourite winners that are up on the site so far.  Mine has to be Elspeth von Draken riding a Carmine Dragon in the Garden of Morr



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This is really great news. It has been an exciting few months watching GW engage with the community again. Bodes very well for the future. I hope that they put all the GD pictures they have up going back to the '80s and the out-side of the UK events. (I have a vested interest with that last one as I've won a couple of things down here in OZ :D )

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