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My First Tournament(advice)

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So to keep it simple, I've played three games.


Two were demo style and one was a points match. The game with 4 objective markers. I ended up winning but barely.


Im going to an official tournament at a convention soon. Not just for fun games....I won't know anyone and I'm sure their armies will be maximized. Mine, will not.


Basically to maximize mine,  I'd have to spend another $100 and I dont know if I feel like it. I just dropped $300 this week alone on gaming stuff and I have another few hundred in purchases Im considering soon. It just seems rushing in more money where I know I wont win is pointless.


Here are the rules: http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2017/2017aosvanguard.pdf


I have the Icewind Assault box set and thats probably as far as I will go. I know from looking and from reading and being told that I should add more Mournfang and my personal idea is to add some Savage Orruks for a nice line of sustainable troops and to add numbers.


Im conflicted but I think Im just going to use my box set this time.


Any and all advice and army building ideas are fine. Shoot. 

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I would drop a thread in the Destruction allegiance sub-forum. That's where this thread belongs.

But here are the three most important rules for any tournament:

1) Always play with a smile - losing is part of the game and being a new player in this environment, you'll probably lose most games, honestly. Make the most out of it.

2) don't let grumpy players bother you. I play for fun, and every once in a while I come across an A**hole that will be super unfriendly. Focus on getting through the game with you spirits high and at least he won't drag you down.

3) Stay Hydrated and well snaked. Don't go crazy on the beers too early.


Huskard on Thundertusk - 340pts

Mournfang Pack - 200pts

Mournfang Pack 200pts

Yhetees - 120pts

x4 Frost Sabres - 120pts


This is off the top of my head for a list. So It can be revised, but as I said, create a list in the destruction sub-forum and we can develop it maybe a little bit further. :)


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