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Bonesplitter Unit Size


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Hey all just a quick question I wanted to ask. 

I'm currently building up to 1500pts of Bonesplitterz. For some reason i seem to have acquired more over the course of the past couple of days, and am now climbing past my usual 1k lists and entering 1500pt territory. Scary xD

My current list is:

Savage Orruk Big Boss (General)

Maniak Weirdnob


20 Savage Orruks (Chompa, Shield)

20 Savage Orruks (Chompa, Shield)

20 Savage Orruks (Stikka, Shield)

6 Big Stabba's

- Battalion Brutal Rukk

Now the last of my points is in Savage Boarboys, but i'm not sure whether to split them into two 5 man units with chompa's and shields, or take them as one large 10 man unit with pigstikka's and shields. The army on a whole is really speedy thanks to the brutal rukk, and even though the wardokk, weirdnob, and stabba's have to play catch up, they shouldn't be too far behind the army when the fighting starts. 

Any advice ? 


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