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Destruction Combined Army


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So, I have started planning out the next phase of my destruction collection. I intended to just run Ironjawz and Bonesplitters combo, but I feel that I could have a lot more fun with the various bits of a destruction force rather than limiting. Thematically, I have some Fimir as well, so the story is that whilst the warboss is notionally in control, the Fimir is influencing the hoard and their darkness is infecting the orruk hoard, making them ill and feverish looking (this will influence the paint scheme, more on that in future).

For the list, I was thinking:

Orruk Warboss on boar - I think this is a good general for an overall force that is predominantly orruk, as his Waagh command ability is pretty hand for them.

The other heroes I am not sure on. I think the Megaboss is amazing, as is the Maw Krusha (I am to get both of these) but they are both very specific to Ironjawz, which doesn't help the rest of the army. I think the Wardokk might have some uses, as does the Prophet.

Battleline - Savage Orruks. These are pretty good for battle line. I am thinking 2 x 20. I am also considering Orruk Arrowboys (no they aren't as good as Savage Arrer boys, but these aren't battleline). There aren't many other great battleline options across the destruction spectrum.

Other - or all the fun stuff:

Ironjawz- Brutes, Ard Boys, Gruntas. Numbers to be determined, but probably 2 x5 Brutes, 1 or 2 x 10 Ard Boys and 1 x 3 or 6 Gruntas. 

Boarboys - Tossing up between standard Orruk ones to ride with the warboss, or maniaks as they are just fun but would really benefit from that Waagh ability. Savage Morboyz would also fit well cranking out bulk attacks.

Lead belchers, probably a unit of 6 - decent shooting, not many of them and a bit expensive points wise but once they are in position and probably in cover somewhere, can really put some pain on.

Iron launchers x 2 - cool models, bit like a skull cannon in that it can act like a chariot, but not as good as say a gorebeast chariot. Can shoot as well. Handy.

Grot Wolf riders x 10 or 2 x 5 (prob one of 10) - these are probably the best thing I could find utility wise for a combined destruction force. Ok speedbump or harrasser, nothing more, mostly target saturation or objective grabber if need be.

Grot Shaman on Wolf just to help the wolf riders with a bit of a buff.

Fimir: More of a distraction. They aren't particularly good but look scary and are scarce enough (around my way anyway) that most people will pause when they see them.

Thoughts? What should I consider outside of these things? Fatal flaws, strengths? This is a big army overall (around 4000 points) so not all of it will come out at once in most instances.  

Anyway, once I get started painting (starting next month, I have 11 models to finish for the Silver Tower first) I will post them in here as well.

All advice and criticisms (valid) welcome.

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Sounds like a solid start, especially the Ironjawz section looks solid. I've been considering the Orruk Warboss as general as well, on a Boar with a Waaagh! Banner. I don't think it's the best idea, since everyone will just shoot him off the field asap. I still might get one though, eventually, just for the coolness factor. If I do, I will paint a bullseye pattern on his face just to make a statement.

I don't have a whole lot of experiences with the other units you mention, but the rules for Savage Boarboys look fun as hell - the Hit and Run rule makes them extremely versatile! They are fragile, however. Really though, with so much planned, you can't really go wrong. You will have options at hand for pretty much every possible situation.

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I think the Greenskinz have a lot to offer, even if they are inferior in some ways. They are cheap (ish) and will fill in the battleline requirements, meaning i can take the psycho Bonesplittaz as a nice diversion and leave the heavy lifting to the ironjawz. the orruk warboss will be ok if you stick a unit of boarboyz nearby. maybe...

With shooting currently very effective, I thought it necessary to add some of this too, and the ogors seem a good, albeit short ish, range option. anyone have experience on the table top with these?

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So, had a couple of low point (500) games last night against Wood Elves and then my own Savage Orruks using my Ironjawz. On the plus side, I won both games mostly because the Megaboss rips face. Hard. The Wood Elves had 20 archers but were distracted by the Brutes and didn't focus on shooting the boss man down. Had they done this, they probably would have cleaned me up in the end. Saying that, the boss cleaned up their Nomad Prince, a bunch of Glade Guard things and then a unit of archers on his own, which was interesting to watch.

The game against the Savage Orruks was much closer. Sheer weight of numbers really put me at a disadvantage, being outnumbered near two to one and out-wounded 70 to 40. That, and my Ard Boyz decided they didn't really like hitting their brethren so just stood there swinging wildly but not hitting anything. The megaboss and brutes pulled this one out for me. In the end I had the boss and 3 brutes, and his Wardokk was running away from me... so a pretty successful night out.

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I have been procrastinating on painting the last 6 models of the Silver Tower (just those pesky Tzaangors to go... just don't wanna) so did some cutting and shutting of some orruks instead. I am taking a more pragmatic approach with these orruks in terms of load-out. it is quite handy (pun coming) that most of the hands are the same size (sorry) except for the Brutes, those guys are so much bigger...

Anyway, I have been using left over ard boyz bits to modify some standard orruks as they fit well, and the spare heads I have from the brutes, ard boyz and gruntaz seem to fit well too. I plan to use them as ard boyz. I think. My thinking is that as they battle, whatever can be salvaged is, no matter who it belonged to before. I will put some pics up when I get a chance for comment, but what are the thoughts on this? I think they look interesting and might help break it up a bit. 

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