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When setting a unit up... counts as its move



Hi all. 

I was playing around with the Wanderes 'Waystone Pathfinders' battalion and something came up.

The battalion allows you to set up units in your movement phase all over the place. After the range restrictions for this it states. "This is each unit's move for that movement phase."

The question is... Does this count as moving for the purposes of the 'Sisters of the Watch's' Quick silver shot? (shoot twice if  "they did not move in their movement phase" and the 'Waywatchers' Solitary Marksmen- +1 ti hit if "did not move in it's preceding movement phase". ?

Thanks a bunch


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Thats an interesting one. Confusingly a units Move and saying "If this unit does not move" seems to imply different things.


The latter such aas the Eternal Guards Fortress of Boughs ability says that if they dont Move the get their bonus however this apparently extends to all forms of movement including charge and pile ins so they have to stand stock still in a shield wallspears out (End of 300 movide style) which makes sense fluff wise and accounts for such a good buff.

That would seem to imply that its applies to the physical act of moving the model. However there are always exceptions.

If there was an ability that said i can use at the start of the shooting phase however this unit immediately counts as having shot (As in cannot shoot its normal weapons) and then another ability affected all units that shot in the shooting phase i would include that one to.

So while i think anyone who maybe assumes the opposite isent entirely wrong and i dont think it is as definitive as it could be . . . .

I am certainly leaning towards the idea that a "Move" is the same as actually moving

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This is a similar kind of thing as setup within 3 inches (Warrior brotherhood of old) if it also counts as a move.

The conclusion (or so it seemed to be) around that debate was - if there is the mention of 'counts as a move' or 'this is the units move for that turn', all rules relating to moving apply even if it is a setup. So no extra shooting and no +1 to hit in this case, no setup within 3" in the case of the Warrior Brotherhood.


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I can see it's better to swing towards it counting as if they'd moved in this case, even if they haven't physically.

Ironically the rule seems to be there to actually stop them from being able to move in the movement phase after set-up. 

Maybe they worded that way with the intention of limiting those units discussed, in which case, good foresight GW!

Otherwise they could have just said, 'these units cannot move in the same movement phase they were set up'.

Thanks for the help

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