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Storm Heralds


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Taking Storm Heralds and breaking Stormcast Eternals allegiance can free up 100 pts for another hero. Thematically I'd prob take 3 x 10 skinks maybe instead of 3 x 10 freeguild guard. Just for the looks. The other battleline at 80 pts is waywatchers. Interesting but I think mob rule wins out if you break allegiance (mobs have the advantage of helping swamp some objectives).

You are missing out on the new artefacts, scions of the storm (but you've a warscroll battalion deployment tactic - The deployment is more reliable than scions and allows 3" deployment within 5" of the palladors), prayers (but you can't afford a hero to cast prayers anyway), steed traits, new command traits, etc.

You would still have the order allegiance stuff.

I am not sure it is worth it. To really weigh the pros and cons I need to know how well the battalion is likely to perform and that information relies on fully understanding the warscroll.

I am quite unsure over the specifics of this battalion. Mostly the deployment rules.


You can deploy any unit (anything from 1 to all) from this battalion in the the winds aetheric.

When your palladors (which must be from this battalion) choose to ride the winds aetheric (foregoing running and charges, so only shooting that turn) which happens in the movement phase, they are fulfilling the battalion's deployment requirements.

When they finish the winds aetheric move you can deploy any units (anything from 1 to all) still in the winds aetheric. So it's a deployment after a unit moves.

To me this seems to imply that at least 1 unit of palladors needs deployed on the board to begin with? Or perhaps all of the palladors - Does it mean any 'other' unit?

I am not sure what happens if all your pallador units are dead or gone in that case. Or if you just choose to deploy everything in the winds aetheric - "congratulations you just played yourself."

So it must mean 1 unit needs to be on the board and if it's sniped or wiped or if it's out of coherency and can't complete a movement action for some reason (bel'akor for instance) there's no deployment that turn.

The only other interpretation is that it is missing a section in which, say, it describes that you can choose to deploy the palladors in the hero phase (note the LCoSD mention of hero phase ability use) via ride the winds aetheric from the edge of your table... buuut that feels like a lot to miss out!


The buff to the prosecutors is +1/+1 shooting for one turn. So the phase after they are deployed in the movement phase so all good here.

The buff to the LCoSD is the ability to use the roiling thunderhead ability (shooting phase) in the hero phase 'as well as in the shooting phase'.

2 things here:

  1. Is this 2 x Roiling Thunderhead or 1 x Roiling Thunderhead + 1 x Rain of Stars, or is this 2 x Roiling Thunderhead or 1 x Rain of Stars? Surely the wording doesn't mean you can ONLY use roiling thunderhead in the shooting phase? But it could mean that if you choose to use the thunderhead in the hero phase you have to use it again in the shooting phase. IE you skip the hero phase use if you want to use rain of stars.
  2. The deployment comes from the palladors riding the winds aetheric which is a movement ability so this ability isn't used on the turn the LCoSD arrives but it is EVERY turn thereafter. As I read it.

That's a lot of thunderheads but there's no 'arriving with a bang' which feels like the theme (unless - see note on missing hero phase deployment above).

I think, maybe it just works 'as it says on the tin' and I'm muddling up interpretations based on 'what ifs' over wording in a way I usually dislike doing. Common sense should prevail...

Any thoughts?




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Hahaha, Turagor, you really want to make a Stardrake work and I  salute you for it! Very interesting formation, seems to have been overlooked by most folks for the colour coded ones.

If you want cheapo Order battleline Vulkite Berzerkers are 60 points for five in the GHB2 preview,  check them out:


I haven't had a chance to check out the Stormcast artefacts and traits properly, but rerolling battleshock is a godsend and you can never go too wrong with Reckless and a Phoenix Stone on the Stardrake (especially with a Jade Wizard to heal him too!).


Re: Deployment: The rules state that you can set any unit up in the atheric currents, up to and including all your Palador units if you really wanted to hand your opponent the game. If you've got no Paladors on the board or able to move, you've got no way of getting units in reserve on the board!

The Roaring Thunder isn't a paticuarly clearly worded rule; personally I'd read the Lord Celestant's rules as  being intended to allow you to use Rolling Thunderhead one extra time in the hero phase, then being able to choose to use Rolling Thunderhead or Rain of Stars as normal in the shooting phase, but you might want to throw it to the guys in the Rules Questions ghetto for good measure.


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3 hours ago, Double Misfire said:

Order battleline Vulkite Berzerkers are 60 points for five



3 hours ago, Double Misfire said:

Hahaha, Turagor, you really want to make a Stardrake work and I  salute you for it!

I am going to make him work yes! lol

Maybe not win any tournament but place well enough to earn respect with the model instead of sniggers!

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15 minutes ago, Double Misfire said:

Any idea what you'd do with your remaining 160 points to round out the list? More heroes for Three Places of Power I'd imagine, but which ones? (I'd probably go for a Jade Wizard to heal the Stardrake, and a Witch Hunter to look cook and be cheap)

A wizard would be handy but a witch hunter not so much.

Hm, a sorceress and a Lord Relictor. Relictor to heal the LCoSD (sadly no prayers as I'd be breaking allegiance). Sorceress for unbinds and mystic shield. Also -1 to hit spell I believe.

Not very fluffy though! I am not sure if I will opt for this (but maybe someone else will and I will rest easy knowing more stardrakes go to tournaments!)

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3 hours ago, Turragor said:

Not very fluffy though!

A Lord Relictor based in one of the newly settled Free Cities heads to an obscure region of the Mortal Realms to meet the aelven seeress living there in search of answers about his mysterious, half-remembered past (Lord Relictors have the most mysterious half-remembered pasts of a faction defined by their mysterious half-remembered pasts) before his reforging. Along the way he meets a band of Fyreslayers who've heard the seeress has a vast horde of ur-gold stashed underneath her tower (she doesn't, but planted the rumour of it needing hardy protectors in the face of the oncoming threat of [opponent's  army]). Upon arrival in the seeress's domain the Lord Relictor and his Fyreslayer companions are set upon by the marauding threat of [opponent's army]. Calling to the heavens for aid, the Lord Relictor's prayer is answered by a force of Storm Heralds, but can he survive long enough to gain the answers he seeks? There, fluff.


Good call on an 80 point Wizard. If you're not worried about keeping the Stardrake alive for a turn, two -1 to hit debuffs on the same enemy unit could be nasty!

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Perhaps the best way to run a LCoSD isn't storm heralds at all, but the stormhost chambers. Like the idea I had here:

If the chambers work like I think - 1 drop. The Tempest Lords look great for keeping that Stardrake mobile and potentially +1 attack/wound.

Then again, can I be bothered painting up another Stardrake? I might just do that!

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