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Ogor Paint Guide


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Hi All,

Ages ago I painted a small force of Ogors and added some galleries to my blog. Once in a while I got requests for a guide but never got around to doing one. 
That has now changed, finally pulled myself together to get it written and took some photos.

I apologise for the square base, I did intend to rebase but decided to spend my time painting Stormcasts instead.


Hope someone finds the guide useful and/or interesting.




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YES!!! This is what I'm talking about. F*CK airbrush. This is the wonderful quality such a crippling tool could never achieve and it's called brushwork. You have really achieved a loose quality to the skin rendering. This is why we paint with brushes, it has a man-made quality and its outcome displays passion as a true vehicle for successful painting.

Well done! Get more of your figures on here.

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High praise indeed, thanks! I do agree that airbrush can be a bit over used, looks great on 40k vehicles but brush work is more appropriate for fantasy models.

I will post some photos of my Stormcast Eternals soon, although I don't think I have anything as good as the Ogors.

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